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Why Imani? 3 Reasons to use and buy Imani Natural Products

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In Psalm 24:1 David writes, "The earth and everything on it belong to the LORD. The world and all its people belong to him." I feel a strong conviction to be a good steward of the gifts God has given me. Wisely investing my time, choosing how best to use our money, and caring for my family are top priorities of stewardship.  
Using Imani Natural Products helps me to accomplish these goals. How you ask?
Here are three reasons:

1. Glory to God

 "Our mission is to be a vessel through which God can work to provide medicinal quality essential oils to those who seek them." - Mission Statement of Imani Natural Products

Brian and Stacey have built a business to answer a call that God placed on their hearts as expressed by this mission.  Creation sings glory to God and Imani has joined in the singing by providing the very essence of creation in the form of essential oils.
God is the creator. Imani is a vessel.

Yes, Lord! Yes!

2. Quality and Art

The quality of an essential oil is important when seeking healthful benefits. Many companies claim to have "high grades" and to be "100% pure" but there is more to an oil than paper certifications. Imani has built its reputation on quality, not by relying on certification as proof of an oil's superiority, but by intimate personal use and experiential assessment of the oil itself. Imani oils are hand selected by the founder and each batch is assessed by his well developed nose and a simple, yet extremely effective, dry-down test. Essential oil evaluation is not just scientific - It is also an art. 
While music and aroma can be meticulously charted on paper, the quality of music is best experienced by listening and the quality of aroma is best experienced by smelling. - Brian Skinness

3. Intimate Relationship

I met and started dating Ben Skinness in 2009. Through him I was able to meet his parents and begin a relationship with essential oils. Ben's father, Brian, has been working with essential oils for many years. He started with three small bottles of oil in 1993 and has taken each open door God has granted, bringing Imani to where it is today. Brian has an intimate working knowledge of the oils he selects and maintains close relationships with his suppliers and customers.  Imani Natural Products relies on good, personal relationships.
I am happy to join Imani in its mission through Terrapin Family. These products are good stuff. They are valuable tools to aid me in the stewardship of my mind, my body, my home, and my family. 
BaBa (Brian) and Gabriel

Do you feel a conviction to be a good steward of the gifts God has given you? How do you accomplish that goal? Do you use essential oils in your home? How do you use them?

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